Online bingo script 2.0

Online bingo script 2.0

The latest softmatrix online bingo script is built in PHP Cake language along with a MYSQL database, same as our other systems.
The bigger differences between this one and other setups like the Flipper Casino is that we changed the theme to a mor payful casino enviroment with easier ways to upload banners, sliders, content and focused on mobile responsive layout.

You will have full control over the entire system as we install it as an open sourcecode directly onto your own server where you will have total and full controll over the entire system, code and settings.
The benefits from buying your very own open sourcecode software comparing to a white label setup is that you will be having full control,
payments goes directly to you, no need to wait for payouts in the end of the month and if you want to change something in the system you can do it yourself 24/7.


  • Software – PHP Cake with MYSQL open sourcecode
  • Compatible Browsers – IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox
  • Documentation – Yes
  • Layout – Responsive
  • Design – NEW


is most powerful role in system. It controls all settings and limits. Moreover, he can trace each role (staff) performance real time. In betshop administrator manage remotely creation of staff and trace betshop financial results.
There is also the possibilities to limit winnings, chances to win and you can set the maximum winnings on each games separately, this way you will never go bankrupcy.


is most important role in sportsbook profit. They search for users who deposit and place bets. Agent got commissions from user’s lost money. Agent can trace their users performance.

Payment gateways

will be connected directly with you, no middle hand, meaning when a player makes a deposit the money goes directly to your wallet and we also recently added Bitcoin and thousands others coins along with Paypal, Skrill and Cash (manual).

After you pay

Once your payment has been verified you will be able to download the entire structure of the system along with technical docs, information and guide.
If you require, we can also install the system at free of charge of your server of choise within 48hours (working days).

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