Betting exchange 2.0

Betting exchange 2.0 with more sports and features, still with Betfair API

The softmatrix Betting exchange 2.0 packed with more features and more sport categories and updated layout.

Back and lay betting with Betfair data API, auto closure of matches, calculation of winnings and losses.

The site admin may control and supervise everything that is happening across the entire system.
Accept cash bets (offline) or the option for real money deposits in the system.
3 layer users of course with master, punters and players

Odds exchange are very popular, in this Versoin 2.0 we basically added extra features comparing to the 1.0 version.

New features

  • Software – Laravel with MYSQL
  • Betfair data API
  • Cricket, Football, Tennis, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice hockey, Rugby
  • 100% Responsive
  • 100% profit for you with no revenue split
  • Promotions page
  • Updated frontend

For Fun Or For Profit

You can use our online betting exchange system in any way you’d like. Run a small site for you and your friends or scale it up and go bit, its all up to you.

Unlimited options

Open sourcecode basically means that you will be given the actual code we developed without encryptions, with this bundle you can improve, add, change and make your own custom modifications as you wish and with no limitations.

Payment gateways

will be connected directly with you, no middle hand, meaning when a player makes a deposit the money goes directly to your wallet and we also recently added Bitcoin and thousands others coins along with Paypal, Skrill and Cash (manual).

Manage Player Accounts

Easily manage member details, funds, statistics, admins and punters

After you pay

Once your payment has been verified you will be able to download the entire structure of the system along with technical docs, information and guide.
If you require, we can also install the system at free of charge of your server of choise within 48hours (working days).

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